Post 1427: mayhem at the kitty videos…


Kitty video time! Dougy must see what’s playing! 


Dougy wants to watch but he’s upset about the seating arrangements….


…so he appraises the possibilities for improving them!


Uh oh! Watch yer tail, Andrew!


What did I “tail” you, Andy? Now that naughty Dougy has your prized seat at the kitty videos! What a naughty Dougy, and on Sunday, too! 


Andy moved over to the recliner. Now he’s alerted to how naughty Dougy is today!


Good grief, Dougy! He chases Andy off  the recliner, too!


I guess no one gets to watch kitty videos today because now both are off chasing each other.


23 thoughts on “Post 1427: mayhem at the kitty videos…

  1. Nothing like a good game of chase!

    Nice video of Taco coming over for a visit. There was a feral cat our neighbor called “Grant” who used to come around. She had him fixed, then he disappeared. He hasn’t been by for some time now. Mr. Nano used to get very upset and run from window to window tracking Grant’s whereabouts.


    • Andy and Dougy were more curious than anything, though there is one spot where Dougy (I think it was) ducked below the window when Taco looked in….! Poor Taco was a neighborhood stray that a neighbor fed and gave shelter and water for. He disappeared at some point, probably is dead, poor kitty! He was a beautiful tuxedo cat, something that still shows through all the wear and tear in the video.


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