Post 1560: Playtime!


Dougy hints broadly he wants to play See his front paws poised to rip into his favorite feather toy. Yes, he wakes up ready for Freddy, wanting to play.

Andy is more interested in getting kitty food time on the road, then he’ll come around for a royal “scritching”.

16 thoughts on “Post 1560: Playtime!

    • It took me a bit of time getting used to my laptop. I know what you are going through! You work on a specific machine for a long time, and everything’s set up how you like it. Get on a new one, and nothing is where you expect it or is missing!

    • I think Dougy’s figured out that I oftentimes am gone during the day, so he better get his quality time with me out of the way early in the day! Andy is more into hanging out with me on the recliner, though he will play in a pinch.

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