Post 1603: New Year’s Eve 2017…

Wedgie Boys collage

I’ve enjoyed sharing my kitty boys, Andy and Dougy, with you this past year and will continue to share them in 2018. We are taking a bit of a break from the laptop today on the chance we can rest up enough to actually see the new year in. (I’ve personally slept through more new years than not!) Whether I stay awake till 12 midnight tonight or not, I wish you a Happy New Year 2018!

Post 1602: Andy just wants to bird!

Andy got there first. Then…

…the two Dougs butt in. “Can’t a cat watch birds in peace?!” Andy pouts.


“Good! Dougy ran off to get a drink. One down, one to go.”

[After I used my smart phone to make a call, I left. Dougy took a nap. Andy was happy again!]

Post 1601: somebody needs a nap…


Andy spots Dougy sauntering toward the recliner. Andy notices that tail flip. Dougy is Mr. Insouciance!


Dougy pays no attention to Andy. Andy is very aware of his brother!


“How dare Dougy upset me!” thinks Andy. Dougy still is unaware – or is he? – that Andy is upset that he walked by the recliner when Andy was on the arm. 

After some wand toy play, Dougy wanders into the guest bedroom to take a nap, and Andy moves over to the end table for his nap. No fur flying tonight!


Post 1600: videos and kitty cats




It started out as quality time watching videos for kitties. Andy is especially enthralled!

He love, love, loves videos of any sort, but this video also features BIG FAT MOUSIES as well as the standard birds, Whew! That brings Dougy around, too. 


That’s when Dougy notices something else: Andy!  Next thing we know, Dougy challenges Andy’s right to watch the video.

The chase is on. When Dougy returns to the laptop, which is on the floor so both kitty boys can watch the video, he scratches the carpet next to it. He re-establishes that anything on or just near his territory is his, too!


Dougy’s made his point so he goes off to the guest bedroom to nap on the cat  tree, and Andy returns to his perch on the end table. It’s his territory after all He’s ready to take his nap after the little squabble with his brother!

No more videos for the time being.

Post 1599: Dougy watching Andy watching…

Dougy is very interested in what Andy’s doing.


Aw, that old fir tree out the back window! Andy’s bird watching. No, he doesn’t have membership in the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Membership isn’t required here in Nebraska to watch birds, just an interest in the little tweeters!

You know how you are just minding your business and you have this sense you are being watched?

Well, that’s what just happened to Andy. He suspects Dougy.


Dougy protests. “No I’m not!”


Andy knows better! Dougy’s watching him watching birds. Grrr!

Post 1598: what happened behind the camera…


Just another “Dougy-sleeping-on-his-ottoman” photo. But there is hubbub behind the camera, an intense interest in what I am doing.


Yes, Andy is watching closely. I had to use the “selfie” feature on the camera to take this, and this is what happened behind the camera!

Post 1597: Christmas 2017


Neither Andy nor Dougy likes to dress up for the holidays, but my friend Deborah’s cat Charles has a different attitude about it!
Says Deborah: Yes, Charles says he would be honored to grace your blog post for Christmas.  He wants it to be known that no kitties were hurt during filming and that he rather enjoys the attention that he receives while getting into costume.  This is in fact true: my son is so amazed by his behavior and tolerance for this kind of thing (well especially mauls from [my granddaughter, Charles’ favorite kid]) that he tells me all the time that 99.99% of cats would never put up with these things – as if I did not know that.
Regardless, I’m sure Andy and Dougy wish you a blessed Christmas, as do I! And may the new year be better than the last.

Post 1596: T’was the day before Christmas…

I set up the new pet fountain, an early Christmas present for the kitty boys. Andy immediately takes the empty box for his own. Dougy has a fit…


……and pouts by the dining room window.


Good grief! Andy leaves the box for a minute, Dougy returns and sits on top of Andy’s other box (the one with the second pet fountain). Andy is upset about Dougy sitting on his other box, then he shoos Dougy off the second box and sits on it! Dougy runs off to the bathroom I think, and…


…Andy returns to the first box. 

Whew! The kitty boys sort things out. Time for a nap!


Post 1595: “…visions of mousies dancing in his head!”

Andy is in deep sleep. What dreams must he have this time of year!?

“What!? What! What!?” Andy is wide awake now. What must the matter be?


Oh good grief! I’ve created a little news junkie! You aren’t interested in the economic news, Andy. Surely not! Go back to sleep.

Post 1594: Looks like a white Christmas…


Something’s up! Dougy spots excitement out the dining room window. 


Snow! It looks like a white Christmas here!


I keep getting questions about what the kitty boys are getting for Christmas. Frankly, I hadn’t given it any thought since I don’t celebrate the holiday except in the most perfunctory way.

That said, I did get them new water fountains since the old ones are crudded up with mineral deposits that inhibit their function. (We have heavily mineralized water here.)


I also got them the industrial-sized containers of catnip- and chicken-flavored Greenies kitty treats. 

Though not specifically bought as Christmas presents, well, let’s call them that!


On another note, if they were human children, they’d probably get lumps of coal in their stockings. Translated into kitty terms, they’d get a new puppy that absorbed their human’s total attention.

Hmm. Naw! No puppies, as cute as they are. The kitty boys have been good enough!