Post 1565: morning rituals…

Andy sits there and stares: “You know this is my ‘feed me’ look!” Yes, Andy is very polite about it unless I ignore him too long, then he puts his paws on my knee and gives me a little claw action! 

Dougy waits in his box till Andy’s through eating, then he eats what’s left on the plate. (This is his new box! Something came in it in yesterday’s mail. Dougy claimed it before I finished emptying it, of course.)


While I fix my breakfast, the kitty boys come over to bug me for a sniff of the coffee or whatever else I’ve fixed for myself. Next, Dougy invariably does his “naughty kitty scratching the carpet” thing, proof that the landlord is smart making residents pay a non-refundable pet deposit to cover damage. Dang cat!


Friday is trash pick up day here, so the kitty boys get to watch me take trash out. They wait by the door to greet me coming back in. How exciting!

Dougy, of course, hopes the door will be open long enough for him to get out for a sniff or two. Cats and rabbits come by, sometimes a squirrel or bird, and Dougy wants to know the details.