Post 1578: …better than “Animal Planet”!

Dougy lets me know: “This is not ‘Animal Planet’!” Then something happens – it is “buggy”, big, and it flies past Dougy!

Dougy hops on the end table because “it”, Mr. Bug, flies into the light! If Dougy has a choice, Mr. Bug’s about to have an out-of-body experience!

00002IMG_00002_BURST20171116035207 (1)

Andy gets in on the excitement. (But gets left out in the end. Awww!) Dougy hops onto the floor when he sees Mr. Bug’s landed in front of the favorite box.

Woo hoo! Faster than you can say, “Dougy, let me see what you caught,” Dougy chomps down on Mr. Bug – crunch! crunch! – and swallows! This is better than “Animal Planet”!