Post 1569: Yet another cat tour, by popular demand!


Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be amazed! Yes, it moves! I know most of you don’t believe the Dougy exhibit moves, but here is rare footage proving it so!

What? You think this is a spurious wagging tail, maybe off the Andy exhibit? I offer up definitive proof this is Dougy’s tail: The “exhibit” is stretched out on the ottoman that Dougy won’t let Andy or Doug (the human) approach! Of course that’s Dougy’s tail!

For guests at the exhibit, you are being unusually, um, obstreperous today. Is it a Dougy thing??Ā 

47 thoughts on “Post 1569: Yet another cat tour, by popular demand!

    • It’s uncanny. I suppose I noticed it because Dougy was upset with me for putting my feet on his ottoman. After he scratched it to let me know it was his. his, his, he sprawled, looking away from me, and his tail brushed back and forth and up and down on my legs. That’s probably the first time I thought of a tail as a part of their sensory equipment.

    • Actually, I think you are correct about cats using their tails as sensory tentacles. When Dougy, for example, is facing away from me on his ottoman, his tail touches on one side of my leg, then the next. It makes little tapping motions up and down my leg before going to the other side. It’s like his tail is being used to tell Dougy how big the object behind him is and where it is. When Andy is above my head on the recliner back, his tail does a similar exploration of my head.

    • I wrote the first word that came to mind. I thought maybe I should come up with a more reader-friendly word, then I decided there is no shame in looking up a word if you don’t have it banging around in your vocabulary. Most people who write blogs are more glib, too, than the average bear, so can use new words, aren’t embarrassed if they don’t know a word.

      I have had so many comments about “obstreperous”, however, that I decided to up date the post by adding a link from the word to the definition of the word. You came here for light kitty humor, not an English vocabulary quiz after all!

    • And how! They pretty much rule one home at minimum, and some go out on missions to prosyletize non-cat people. The missionaries typically are dog-like tabby cats that win over those who think cats are fickle. You can’t win!!

        • It isn’t a first time, and it is one reason I usually skip making comments on Facebook it=f they are about politics. His comment was so ignorant, however, I couldn’t let it go without “tossing pearls before swine” so to speak. We all have friends like that, and American politics these days have brought them out in the open where we can see them in their true light for the first time!

        • Oh. I feel very sorry and sad for her and you, too. The way you described Fooey in your blog told me he was a much beloved kitty and a joy to your sister for decades. Tell your sister I send hugs and my love from Nebraska. It never is easy to lose a beloved pet to age, but the decision to have the veterinarian put that pet down is the worst decision you ever have to make about that pet. If I recall correctly, he lived over 20 years, further proof that he had a great life, that your sister is special in the world of people with cats.

          • I believe Fooey was 20 years old or thought to be that. On one hand, one can celebrate such a long kitty life. On the other, that’s a long time to have a cat in your life. You get incredibly attached to them, and their routines are yours. I really feel sad about Fooey, and it must have been incredibly difficult to decide he was at a place where his condition was so bad he was better off put down. I hope I never have to make that decision for wither of my kitty boys.

  1. Well Dougy you gots floofiness just likes me!! We founded you at Noir Kitty Mewz and you am now in our Kitty Blog List – Toby the floofy boy who shoud blog more often… I just went to the vets last week to gets my floofy rump trim.

    • The kitty boys are going through a race against floofiness. Their groomer keeps scheduling them on dialysis days, which means I can”t take them in because health trumps cat hairdos. It looks like they will go at least six-seven months before they get their next haircut. I am not happy about that and may have to talk brusquely with their groomer to bring them back to reality. Or I may have to learn how to deal with unwanted floof! (Thanks for bringing us on to the blog list.)

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