Post 1577: “Tear strips are toys, aren’t they?”

Dougy is very excited now! RAWR! The tear strip off the dry kitty food bag instantly brings out the kitty in him!


Andy suspects it’s play time for him, too. (Check out his “horns”!)

But it’s Dougy’s time first! Who knew a Persian kitty could get his kitty on to this degree? Whew! Better watch my fingers!


Andy knows the medicine bottle is where I keep the tear strip because both kitty boys want to chew on it. In the meantime, he gets ready for his turn at play! Woo hoo!

Get it on, kitty! Who knew the tear strip would become the kitty boys’ favorite toy?


Game’s over and the kitty boys settle down. (Notice how they resolve the issue of Andy being too close to Dougy’s ottoman? That’s right: they are back to back! Out of sight, out of mind!)