Post 1562: it’s what kitties do…

Yes, sleep! And more sleep. Sleep till the cows come home, then more sleep!

Then try to wake up for kitty food time…!


Post 1561: Andy is wary…

You never know when that darn Dougy will show up and claim the recliner foot rest! Andy looks out till he’s sure Dougy’s not around.

A little grooming, more confidence in not having Dougy intrude on his peace, Andy slowly turns his attention to the single most important morning ritual after food and clean up…


…his cat nap!




Post 1560: Playtime!


Dougy hints broadly he wants to play See his front paws poised to rip into his favorite feather toy. Yes, he wakes up ready for Freddy, wanting to play.

Andy is more interested in getting kitty food time on the road, then he’ll come around for a royal “scritching”.

Post 1559: This box will never get tossed!

I’ve tried getting rid of this box for years! Dougy insists it isn’t time just yet. He and his brother Andy love, love, love it! (The bottom photo is a bit blurry because I asked Dougy if I could take his box and toss it. He mrowed his disapproval, blurring the photo.)

Good grief, Dougy! I think there are enough beat up, ugly boxes around the place. Let me have this one box, and I’ll buy you a new feather toy!



Post 1558: snow time…sort of

We had a few snow flakes yesterday. I’m not quite ready to give up my cargo shorts, but I can see the writing on the wall! That said, the kitty boys find snow fascinating. Today’s blog is about some of their snow experiences.

You may have seen some of these videos before if you’ve followed this blog long enough, but I hope you enjoy them just the same!



Hope you enjoyed the show!



Post 1557: I have wheels again!

Waiting for Craig, Andy amused me by sneaking a peek at Dougy’s box. At least, Doug thinks it’s his. 


Andy thought he heard Dougy, and scooted away to safety!

Then Andy heard Craig arriving, but was too much a scaredy cat to wait at the door till Craig came in. Onto the box he hopped! Safety at last!

I scritched the kitty boys and told them to be good while I was gone, then Craig and I gassed up his buggy and took off for Rapid City to fetch my car. 


I had a short wait at the service department, but I saw Black Beauty parked in the lot when I arrived at the dealership. That was sufficient to settle any anxieties I had about picking up my car. It spent from September 14th to October 25th in Rapid City, long enough for me to forget how to adjust the seat, for example. (It came back to me before I drove off, but it was iffy!)

The kitty boys greeted me at the door when I arrived from Rapid City. Their multi-colored fabric toy was at the door, which was different from when I left this morning. The kitty boys played their little game to spend the hours I was gone! (There was no blood, fur, or tipped over objects, so they were  – apparently – good kitties all day.)


Best of all, Black Beauty is back in its special spot, ready to be of service when I need to go places! It was a delight driving my car again.



Post 1556: G-Day


Andy feels the tension…


I’m a bit wound up today. My car is supposed to be ready for me to pick up after weeks in the shop for repairs of damage from my accident in Hot Springs, South Dakota, on September 15th.

My friend Craig’s driving down from Rapid City to take me back to Rapid City, where my car is being held hostage till I pay the bill.

There have been so many (upsetting) reversals in the process – wrong part ordered, knot head who didn’t make an estimate in a timely manner adding a week to my wait, and more – that I, frankly, hope I can be civil when I pay my bill. 


Black Beauty in happier times…

[G-Day = Golf Day, as in VW Golf Sportwagen]



Post 1555: time for the kitty boys to slow down…

Andy and Dougy had lunch, then hop up on favorite perches to wash up. Of course, after they finish that, it is time to relax, watch birds out the back window, or just be cool. I bet they slip off to take cat naps any moment now!


Yep! Dougy’s nodding off even as I type! (Moments later, he runs off to sleep in a favorite hidey hole in the guest bedroom.)

Post 1554: irresistible…


Sometimes, when I come upon Andy…IMG_20171022_121858



…I can’t help myself. They are irresistible!

Post 1553: Eventually, we get our kitty on!

Dougy seems reluctant. “What’s this? Do I look playful just now?”

IMG_20171020_043025 (1)

Hmm. This won’t work.

IMG_20171020_050712 (1)

Progress? He’s acting like he might play now. Maybe.

IMG_20171020_043953 (3)

Woo hoo! That’s more like it, Dougy! It was intense kitty play from this point on!