Post 1573: good things come to those who wait…

Andy is minding his business on his current favorite box, and…

…Dougy is minding his on the dining room table while I work on some paperwork. Then I hear a knock at the door.

You can be sure Dougy and Andy are alert to the knock and will be very curious about anything I pull from the other side of the door!

Andy plays it cool till he sees it is a new box!! I remove the contents, a couple new books I ordered, and then I take the box into the front room to see how the kitty boys enjoy the new box. They run ahead of me, of course!

Andy is first in, too my surprise. He discovers there is hiding potential under the flap, the perfect place to be to pounce when Dougy stops by! (Is that the “Glistening Slobber of Joy” on Andy’s lips? Could be! He is very pleased with the new box.)

Of course, it helps if you are hiding under the flap before Dougy shows up. Shortly after, once Dougy hogs the new box, Andy sits outside the box and reaches over the flap to bop his kitty brother on his head. Andy will have his fun! This new box works for him on many levels. (I might add, it looked really cute when he did it, though Dougy saw no humor in the situation!)