Post 1593: the kitty boys close in…

Andy came running. Dougy already took a stand.

What’s the deal?! Both kitty boys close in…

IMG_20171218_130133 (1)

…on Doug, their human! Andy’s on the PC and Dougy’s on the back of the computer chair, taking a kitty bath. (That’s his tongue….)

That’s how it is these days. Neither kitty wants the other to get more attention than the other, so they stick to Doug like ticks!

34 thoughts on “Post 1593: the kitty boys close in…

    • Ha! Ha! You know it, Dolly! I hope the day come when they want to rest on my lap. At this point, they tolerate being held, but they have important kitty business they’d rather do.

        • It seems to be true. I upset their routine when I pick them up and hold them, I know, and they only begrudgingly “let” me do it! Frankly, I think moggies are more likely to be lap kitties, or at least they are in my experience.

          • Not really, I’ve seen many rescued cats, and practically all of the are moggies, and those rescued as babies are all very affectionate, regardless of coloring. Mine are black and black and white, and little Pyshka is a mini-tigress, and they all vie for lap space and nose-kisses. My brother’s and our friends’ rescues are the same.

          • Yes, you definitely need to get them used to human contact at an early age. It’s possible to tame a feral cat, but you have to be a better cat behaviorist than I’ll ever be! I’ve hand less contact with cats other than tabbies, black cats, and tuxedo cats, but you are right about affectionate cats of any color. (Have you seen that delightful Turkish film “Kedi” about the homeless cats of Istanbul?)

          • I enjoyed it so much, I think I’ll watch it again today! I think I’ll have a copy sent to my sister in Seattle. She and Molly, her tuxedo kitty girl, should enjoy it as well!

    • You are welcome, Michel! I always look forward to your blogs because of the gardening and family orientation.

      As for the analogy of sticking to me like ticks, they are funny! I enjoy the constant amusement they bring to my life, and forgive them their occasional naughtiness!

  1. It’s so nice to know that your kitties love you so much, they just can’t get enough of you. Wish we had this impact on peeps….hehe Well, maybe not….don’t want peeps washing their private parts in front of me. hehe

    Have a great Christmas Doug, Dougy and Andy.


    Shoko and Kali

    • Hope you have a great Christmas, too, Shoko and Kali! (Thanks for the e-card!)

      LOL! Oh dear! I should hope not, too! I believe the closeness is more jealousy than love. Hee! Hee!

    • I had no sense of what was to come as I’d little experience with kittens other than to see them in other peoples’ homes. I even bought a “Kitten for Dummies” book to get some help on raising them! I hope they continue to be buddies, though they occasionally squabble with each other over favorite places.

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