Post 1531: Saturday’s two posts and fat or slim?

Sometimes I mess up and post two times in one day. Sunday’s post was supposed to be Post 1530, but I accidentally scheduled it to post at the same time as Saturday’s post. Oh well! Dougy is up early today, but Andy’s sleeping, so the photo above is about it for kitty boy action photos today!


It was  big relief finally getting the kitty boys in for trimming, and they are more active for lack of all the mats and hair. In shots before the trim, you can see how all that hair makes the kitty boys look fat when, in fact, they are slender kitties.

BEFORE: Dougy (left) and Andy (right)

AFTER: Dougy (left) and Andy (right)

I know some of you will prefer the fluffy versions of the kitty boys over the shorn, but they grow their hair out amazingly fast.

I do admit that their Persian heads look amusingly out of proportion for the time being. On the other hand, the groomer leaves their handsome kitty tails unscathed, which pleases my tail-proud kitty boys!

25 thoughts on “Post 1531: Saturday’s two posts and fat or slim?

    • Me, too. It has been an on-going concern that they were suffering endless matting despite my efforts to remove them. I feared that my unprofessional handling of their grooming needs might cause them to become resistant to handling by their groomer. As it turned out, they were good boys, as usual, and Andy got bored toward the end and a bit grumpy, as usual. All is rell! Thanks, Donna!!

    • Not everyone thinks so, but I think they look great! I note, too, that I thought Dougy in particular was spectacular with Persian kitty-length hair. Andy looked pretty good that way, too, though he tends to grow out more slowly and not so long. Regardless, this was the longest either has gone without “a day at the spa” since the period from birth (July 1, 2011) till their first professional grooming in November 2012. With this recent experience of a delay in professional grooming, I believe I am better able to take care of brushing to keep mats better under control. That is to say, I will brush the kitty boys now thought they may not need it so they are more comfortable (Andy) with the idea of brushing or just to bond more with the little rascals (Dougy loves brushing, thanks to his dense fur).

  1. Dougy and Andy are handsome boys, shorn or fluffy! 🙂

    One post a month is all I can muster, and it has ended up being at the end of the month now instead of the firs t2 weeks for almost two years. I do keep a journal though, so I can go back and find interesting things that happened during the month. I try to get photos from time to time as things come up I may want to include that post.

    • I agree about the kitty boys, of course! I thought they looked especially pretty with long hair, but the grooming problems (not to mention housekeeping!) is worth it pretty much only for show cats. Mine are companion cats, rarely seen outside the home (except for over 1500 potential places around the world – lol!), and their personal comfort is more important to me than show-quality looks.

  2. So you are one of those organized peeps that have posts reaDY TO GO. That doesn’t apply to us…..too much happening for me to be organized. Wish I was though. Perhaps in the winter.

    The boys look like glamour pusses again. All that fur must be such a pain to them.
    Jean and Clan.

    • Yes, they spent a lot more time grooming themselves before the haircuts. Dougy had an especially difficult time making progress with that long hair, and I could brush out a shocking amount of hair each day.

      I try to be organized. I have enough Andy photos from yesterday that I should get two posts at least out of them, yet I didn’t work up any posts, let alone two, when I had the time to beat the 2 AM post time I try to make each day. Yeah, I haven’t done my post for today and it’s over two hours late!

  3. I like being way way ahead post-wise. I got about 20 of them saved and at my one per week normal rate I’ll see you again in March, unless I am already dead! Then it will take longer.
    Yes, your cats do look a lot thinner without their hair.

  4. Doug I’m always messing up my post schedule. You do a great job. I’m so glad the boys feel better and no surprise really.

    • Ha! The lesson to me is don’t get too far ahead, even though it makes me feel good to have posts in the can and not have to do anything more toward their creation for a few days.

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