Post 1595: “…visions of mousies dancing in his head!”

Andy is in deep sleep. What dreams must he have this time of year!?

“What!? What! What!?” Andy is wide awake now. What must the matter be?


Oh good grief! I’ve created a little news junkie! You aren’t interested in the economic news, Andy. Surely not! Go back to sleep.

36 thoughts on “Post 1595: “…visions of mousies dancing in his head!”

    • It would save a lot of waiting for kitty food time (which would then be all day), kitty toys (which would be available on demand), and boxes (which would be stacked in warehouses everywhere so kitty boys and kitty girls could pick out those that were “just so”!) You got it right, Valentine!

    • If he were, I’d hope he exhibited greater discernment than the typical American voter. He would, at least, know to check out the facts first and vote for the person who showed the greatest rectitude, intelligence, and experience instead of the conman who promised the moon, then pulled down his pants to give the moon to those who (in good faith) voted him or her into office! (Where I live 74.6% of the registered voters who voted voted for the current president. I voted for someone else who had considerable experience in government and governance. That seemed like a better choice considering your life and mine depend on someone with mature judgment and knowledge of how to work through the complexities of governance making the best decisions most of the time. Whew! Sometimes I am such a twit!)

    • I enjoy your incredible blog and encourage others to click on your link! That said, may you have a blessed Christmas and a productive new year! And, yes, kitty know how to assure they continue to get love, play, comforts of a warm home, and lots of kitty food and treats on demand or as often as possible!

    • Actually, I have a hard time imagining him caring for a pet. Thrice married and was having an affair with the third before he divorced the second. It’s all about him. He allegedly was not involved in raising three oldest until they became adults, then he embraced them and turned them into family earning units. (Well, one he would have dated if she weren’t his daughter. Wink! Wink! His own confession.) I try not to get political on this blog in deference to those who have a different point of view about government and governance , but I am concerned things are shaky just now in America.

    • Over his dead body! I try to spread my viewing around so I have more than one perspective on things but that is one channel I find fits the definition of Fake News. Shep Smith is one of their personalities I find tolerable, but the channel mostly comes across as a state television channel designated as the official voice of the current administration. It is anti-democratic and certainly not good for those who watch it exclusively. (No channel is good in that regard….)

    • They should be! A pair or more kitties in every house! That’s my promise should I be elected. (Dogs and other pets are allowed, too, of course since I love animals, with the exception of nasty monkeys.)

    • I have a friend who recently retired and watched the news pretty much all day. He’d call me, rant for an hour or so about what he saw on the news that upset him.

      I listened and understood what he was going through. I suggested he find a volunteer activity or other things to do instead of sitting in front of the television watching the news.

      He eventually called me, let me know he was sorry he’d used me as a sounding board, a stress reliever. I had no problem with that other than how it was driving my friend’s blood pressure up.

      Yes, you need to be informed and involved in the political processes of this country, but it is important to be involved in positive activities helping others or making your town a better place to live.

      There are many good people in this world, people who ultimately win in ways the top can’t understand because they’ve become corrupted by power and wealth.

      These “little” people are the ones who matter.

      I think my friend now has his television news habit in control. He’s moving to another state with lots of outdoor activities he will enjoy and I am confident he will have a healthy, happy retirement!

      (He will vote in future elections as an informed citizen, but it won’t be because of all day television news watching!)

    • I’m sure you will spend lots of money on gifts for the citizens of Feline Cafe! As for me, I’ve done as much as I can. Wishing you and all my kitty boys’ followers and blessed Christmas and a prosperous, productive 2018!

    • They boys are Persian kitties, of course! And their groomer scheduled them for days I have dialysis up till April. By the time I can get them in again, they will probably look like big balls of fuzz! They thank you for the face comment!

      Only people with pets might understand that I paid a bit over $600 a year for what amounts to baths and haircuts for the kitty boys and felt it was worth it. On the other hand, professionals do a much better job of it than I could do. Since the kitty boys are subjects that appear nearly daily on this blog, they need to look somewhat presentable!


      MSNBC is more liberal than Fox, for sure. They’ve softened that a bit by bringing Hugh Hewitt and other Republicans with a more Conservative perspective.

      MSNBC is a more representative “stew” of opinions than Fox, again, though there are some like Shep Smith who have solid journalistic credentials and could work on any network and be credible. He isn’t the only one.

      It’s not a matter of which station you watch, but how discerning you are, how curious you are about sources of information, and how much digging you are willing to do for other point of view or verification of “facts” till you are comfortable they are facts.

      Polls are the bane of the news media because most people don’t question or understand poll methodology, probability theory, or know how numbers can be used to tell any story the numbers users want. Plus, as the Italian proverb notes: A thousand probabilities don’t make one fact.

      Polls at best are a snapshot of a specific moment in time. The Harry Truman win over Dewey is a good example: Dewey was doing so well in the polls at one point, everyone stopped polling and assumed Dewey would become president. In the following time till the election, public opinion shifted unnoticed to pollsters and Truman won the election.

      The best way to view television news is with healthy skepticism and a willingness to look to many reputable sources (not blogs!) for a more rounded sense of what is true, what is sort of true with a twist, and what is false. Too many read crap on Facebook or some blog and take it for fact when it is just what I called it: crap! Unverified, some fantasy of a political hack, Russian propaganda (as we have learned), or other unreliable crap becomes “fact” to people who don’t ask the question: What is the source of this “news”?

      As for job creation, the first year of a president’s administration reflects more the policies of the previous administration.

      Next year will be a more accurate measure of the impact of the current president’s policies and impact on the economy. (Remember Obama started out with a Dow between 7000-8000 and left with one that had broken through the 20,000 barrier. While Trump can take credit for some of the increase since he took office – investors reacted to the prospect of one of theirs controlling the political processes and giving them tax breaks and other reasons to believe the future would be bright – he didn’t do as much to get there as he would have us think.)

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