Post 1667: Dougy likes/ dislikes brushing.


The longer my Persian kitty boys’ hair grows, the more they need brushing. Dougy generally love, love, loves it, and will hop up on his ottoman to be brushed when I pat the ottoman three times. 

I usually catch mats early enough that I can pull them apart with my fingers, then brush out the spot to get any loose hair. Sometimes, though, I miss the mat and snag it with my steel-toothed grooming comb. That upsets Dougy, reasonably enough! See his tail after the latest “incident”! 



31 thoughts on “Post 1667: Dougy likes/ dislikes brushing.

  1. I know what you mean, Doug. Willow doesn’t like to be brushed, even though she is short-haired. Grooming is so important, and sometimes the kitties make it difficult. 🙂

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