Post 1662: lots of kitty boys…

I wondered what would happen if I loaded several GIFS in a collage. Nothing, apparently! Maybe they will “wiggle” when I save and load them. If not, well, here’re abundant Andy and Dougy photos. 

Post 1661: Where’s the kitty…?


Andy was hiding from me that day. You know, medicine time if I’m not mistaken. Where’s the kitty? 

andy hides from me IMG_20170107_051527 He’s a smart kitty, but he is pretty silly when he thinks he’s hiding…. Where IS that darn cat? LOL! 


On the other hand, when he wants something, he puts on “The Look”. In this case, “More kitty videos! NOW!” was his demand.


Mostly, though, Andy is a sweetie pie of a cat!

Post 1660: an audition…

IMG_20180225_111316 (1)

Dougy realizes his brother, Andy, has a huge advantage when it comes to Katzenworld’s “Tummy Rub Tuesday”. I mean, that kitty boy is always sleeping on his back, full tummy! For example:


But Dougy won’t be out done! Here’s his next submission for that fun regular feature on Katzenworld:

IMG_20180225_111308 (1)

Woo hoo! There’s a tummy in there somewhere. Believe it!

Post 1659: a slow Sunday morning…


This is pretty much what the kitty boys had in mind to do this morning. As long as he was convenient, I decided to make some portrait shots of Andy.


Woo hoo! Looking good!


Creepy, isn’t it, seeing my hand holding my smart phone in the reflection in Andy’s eye…! Oh, and he’d just returned from a midnight snack, so has kitty food crumbs on his face. So it goes with long-haired kitties! They are little dust mops, thanks to static electricity in their hair.


LOL! This is a difficult photo to read. At first, I thought it was a double exposure – something not possible with the smart phone camera. Then I realized what looks like whiskers above Andy’s eye actually are vibrissae, “eyebrow whiskers”, if you will!


Post 1658: Caturday is for relaxing with a good movie!

Andy begs me to show him videos. It’s simple, fun, easy entertainment for Caturday, so why not?

He does get a bit wound up!

Post 1657: “Gimme…puhleeease…!”

Andy begs for his share … 


…of my grapefruit! 

“Come on, Andy! Grapefruits aren’t kitty food!”



Post 1656: Where’s the kitty???

It starts out pretty much as it always does. Naptime!

They wake up after a good snooze…

Dougy notices something odd. Where’s Andy?


I look by the end table where Andy was moments before…


…there he is! Andy has a new happy spot!







Post 1655: how to eat blueberries on waffles…

A mess…!

Everyone knows you have to line the blueberries up in the holes before you can eat your waffles!

Post 1654: Dougy hangs out…

Dougy cleaned up a bit while on top of the computer chair back. Like his brother Andy, Dougy hangs out with me when he can. 

Then I intended to enjoy the recliner. Except…Dougy had the same idea and settled in for a nap there first. Rats! Now I’m fighting my kitty boy for the recliner!