Post 1666: Andy in low light…

“Well, that sow’s ear is starting to look like a purse! Sort of….” When you have poor light and black kitties, you learn to settle for what you get photographically!

17 thoughts on “Post 1666: Andy in low light…

  1. Mom agrees with you Mr. Doug. She’s struggles with low light at our house when she’s trying to take my picture and says black pets are challenging to photograph. We love all of Andy and Dougy’s photos!

    • The kitty boys know it’s coming and flinch. I use my smart phone instead of my point-and-shoot digital Nikon these days because the photo quality usually is better and I have more editing options. The smart phone actually handles low light better than the Nikon, which is older technology.

  2. I think these are great. I know black cats are hard to photograph. I have 3, but I rarely show them on the blog because I have a tough time getting good shots of them.

    • You’ve followed this blog long enough to know I have no pride! LOL! Yeah, if there’s any hint of an image – focused or not, too dark or too washed out with artificial light – the miserable thing gets used! Let your black kitties star more in your blog! (I love black cats, as you might guess!)

    • Thanks! I try. A lot of these photos end up deleted if I can’t get something out of them that I like. I’m just glad that I don’t use a film camera any more!

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