Post 1671: the kitty boys see…what?


The kitty boys were enjoying their rest when…


…something caught their attention.


“DEFCON 1*, Andy!” Andy’s already sprinted off to see whatever it is.


Now Dougy is off to the hunt! (That’s his tail just above the top of the recliner arm.) Whatever it is he and Andy suspect is out there has no chance. 



[Sorry for the late posting today. The last photo took a long, long time to show up in my e-mail, and I felt it was necessary for the story.]


22 thoughts on “Post 1671: the kitty boys see…what?

    • LOL! All of the Andy and Dougy pals living in the Eastern Hemisphere might miss their antics or not see them till the next day I I don’t get the blog out by 2 AM my time!

      • I find I start missing posts every time daylight saving hours stop and start in different parts of the world. I post regularly according to our times here, as much as possible, but responses to my posts come at different times of the day depending on the varying times of the year in other places.

  1. The boys would enjoy visiting our (relatively) large metropolis of Auckland right now. Due to the highest temperatures on record and an abundance of cyclones and rain, crickets are reproducing in plague proportions. The cats in Auckland must driving their owners nuts, hunting crickets which insist on going inside houses !

    • Woo hoo! They’d make themselves sick on them, then bat them around till they got over their upset stomachs from eating too many crickets. You are right: The kitty boys would love, love, love being there now!

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