Post 1712: Andy resists medication…

I caught Andy. He hid under the guest bed, tail hanging out in plain view, of course. I grabbed him as best I could, and he grabbed me as best he could, as you can see in the photos above. No wonder he’s hiding under the table now.

Bad kitty! I hate giving you medicine, too, but you will have to take it as long as you need it! For now, we aren’t talking. The main thing, he got medicated.

76 thoughts on “Post 1712: Andy resists medication…

    • Ja, ik ben heel voorzichtig met krassen en wonden van katten omdat ik immuun-onderdrukt ben vanwege de medische problemen die ik heb. Ik zie medische professionals driemaal per week bij dialyse, dus toon hun wonden, enz. Voor hun aanbevelingen. Als iemand rood wordt, maak ik me zeker zorgen en neem ik meer voorzorgsmaatregelen tot ze genezing laten zien! Bedankt voor uw bezorgdheid!

  1. Oh my goodness, that looks terrible! I sympathise fully as we had to medicate Louis Catorze many times a day when he was having his “episodes”, & that was horrendous. For how long will Andy need the meds?

  2. Ouch! Have you tried pill pockets? I medicate 5 cats twice a day for thyroid and some are fooled and eat the treat without knowing there is a pill in it, others caught on and I have to put it right in their mouth.

    • The liquid is the easiest way to medicate Andy, actually. As noted elsewhere, I’ve come upon a way to minimize Andy’s resistance: let the medicine warm up to room temperature. I has to be refrigerated because of a chicken flavoring. The warm medicine seems to be easier to give him. The two days I’ve done it, he resists it much less!

  3. Good luck getting it all down! I mean that. Andy needs his meds! (Don’t we all??) I once had a vet give Putter medicine that was to be “Placed under her tongue”! That was really interesting. And mostly unsuccessful.

  4. I’m so sorry about your battle wounds. Please be sure to disinfect and watch them, as cat bites and scratches can turn nasty (as well as being painful).

    • I hand untangle mats that I can, trim out others, and let the groomer get the rest. I’ve decided I will continue to get them trimmed after all, only will schedule them fewer times a year, based on my new knowledge of how long it takes before their hair starts getting matted!

    • I definitely had to perform some disinfecting and patch up on my hand! I’m watching for infection, of course, and will deal with that accordingly if it becomes nasty. So far…it looks like it’s heal without any complications! Whew!

  5. My cats got better about getting medications as they got older. One of my cats loves pill pockets so I try to get pill versions if they are available. Squirting a liquid into a cat mouth is never easy. You are lucky you lived to tell about it!

    • I’ve done it hundreds of times. This time mistakes were made (grabbing him under the bed instead of waiting till he was in the open and not thinking about being medicated….) The chicken or tuna flavored liquid usually goes over well enough, but I believe part of the problem was the temperature of the medicine. The bottle has to be refrigerated because of the flavor. The last couple days, I’ve let it get up to room temperature, and Andy’s been much happier with the liquid. Also, I have to administer it slow enough he doesn’t choke on a mouthful.

      • Once you have a technique you’re gold. I have to give a form of glucosamine tablets to Hazel. She takes it in a pill pouch although I think she’s eat it plain. It smells fishy, so good. She was on a bitter antibiotic for 10 days. Fortunately she ate it in a pocket. I worried the first few times because she can be the queen of eating the pocket and spitting out the pill! 🙂

  6. Ouch. Even I cringed at that. Medicines are hard for kitties… heck all of us anipals for that matter. Our Maine Coon cat that we had – Mouse Girl – once back kicked mom so hard in the chest that mom lost her breath. Shaking my head. I hope you heal soon my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  7. Ouch! I’d say Andy seriously disagreed about taking medicine. Poor boys! I hope both of you are soon fine again.

    • Thanks! We both are getting along better with medicine time now that I decided to let the medicine warm up before giving it to Andy. Before, I was giving it to him cold from the refrigerator, and that was part of the problem!

  8. Ouch! What a stinker. Ginger resists her medicine every once in a while, but she just hides. She disappears completely. I give her a “pass” when she does that. I let her “win” every so often. I talked to the vet about it, and she said that’s okay to skip it some days.

    • That’s a good thing to know. I’ll ask Andy’s veterinarian about that and other thoughts on giving him medicine when we have a follow up visit in early May. It seems silly to stress Andy out, probably causing his blood pressure to rise, to catch him to give him medicine to control blood pressure!

    • Geez! The old carrier issue! Andy and Dougy fight it, but I generally have my biggest fight just catching the second one if they both are going to the veterinarian or groomer the same day. You know cats: The second one catches on fast when he sees the first one goes in the carrier, and that second cat generally is the harder of the two to catch after that!

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