Post 1802: early time…

We have breakfast then clean up and rest for a bit. It’s the habit, day after day. Now, to run down Andy to give him his medicine before he remembers he needs to hide from me.

Same terrorized look every time. Poor kitty! Then he gets his kitty treats, so he puts up with it! You can run, Andrew, but I know where you hide.


Post 1800: Good grief, Andy!

Time for Andy’s medicine. As usual, he looks like he’s about to get his tail pulled, but maybe he’s just reacting to Dougy, who came around to say the kitty boy equivalent of “Nya! Nya!” 

Post 1754: “We gotta do it, Andy! We gotta do it!”


Remember this Andy from yesterday? Defiant? Confident? Full of cattitude? Well, what follows is, um, pathetic, heart-wrenching, tragic, maybe semi-legal in Catatonia, where all cats come from: Medicine Time!

Good grief! Such drama! What could be the cause of such terror?


Well…a wet paper towel that I’ll use to wipe dribbled medicine from Andy’s mouth and face and the syringe with the dose of blood pressure medicine. Pretty scary, I’ll say!


There is some resistance before I get Andy wrapped up in a towel. (Notice all the kitty hair on the rug? My vacuum cleaner – yes, the fabled Dyson for pets, though I’m not getting paid to mention it – is starting to give up the ghost trying to keep up with shedding season.)


I need three hands to give the medicine and take a photo, so this is what I see moments before I stick the syringe into Andy’s mouth and squirt the medicine – as much as I can – into the kitty. There’s a trick to it, but the kitty burrito approach immobilizes the kitty boy’s  “Holy Terror from the Deepest Regions of Hell” claws.

I managed to get virtually the whole dose down Andy today. Some days, as much as a third of it dribbles down the side of his face when his “Kitty Lips Sealed Tighter than a Deep Sea Submersible at the Bottom of the Marianas Trench” resist the medicine.

“We gotta do it, Andy! We gotta do it!”

Post 1712: Andy resists medication…

I caught Andy. He hid under the guest bed, tail hanging out in plain view, of course. I grabbed him as best I could, and he grabbed me as best he could, as you can see in the photos above. No wonder he’s hiding under the table now.

Bad kitty! I hate giving you medicine, too, but you will have to take it as long as you need it! For now, we aren’t talking. The main thing, he got medicated.

Post 1292: I finally caught Andy to give him medicine…

Yesterday, Andy was especially cagey avoiding capture for his medicine. Then, when he did get captured, he resisted. I warned him about what was to come!


“Where’s that kitty??” I just didn’t know. (As far as Andy was concerned, at least, and you know from yesterday he thinks he’s hiding under the bed even though his tail’s hanging out in plain sight!)

Hee! Hee! Now all I have to do is wait till he gets tired watching me, then the cat is mine!

I caught him, but Andy put up a lot of resistance. “I’ll have to make you into a kitty burrito if you don’t settle down, Andy. Be a good boy!


Yes. Kitty burrito time for Andy! He was not happy, but he got his medicine…and his “good boy” treat, though he knew and I knew he hadn’t been a good boy!






Post 1291: “Where’s Andy?”

Time to give Andy his medicine, but he’s nowhere to be seen….


Hey! There’s Dougy! Maybe he knows!


“Hey Dougy! Have you seen Andy?”


Hee! Hee! Never mind! There he is!

By coincidence, I didn’t turn my laptop off yesterday after I showed a visitor the video I posted in yesterday’s post. (I thought I had since I clicked on “shut down”….) The next video up was this one:

LOL! Yes, his amazing tail, once more, betrayed his hiding spot. Did I catch him? Ahem! Well, the plot thickens. He managed to escape. He’s out there somewhere, though. I shall catch him. He will get his daily dose of medicine. Mwahahahahaha! 

Post 1266: Andy recycles the newspaper….

You know cats. Any flat surface anywhere turns into a sanctuary. So it is with the newspaper.

While Andy feels secure there, truth is that’s the easiest place to find him when it’s time for his medicine! And catching him is especially easy then because he feels secure for far too long before I snatch him up.



Post 1263: it was chaos this morning…

It was time for Andy’s medicine. That is to say, I managed to snag him when he had his guard down, and I hadn’t given him his medicine yet. Yeah, “medicine time”!

I thought it would be a good time to get some photos for today’s blog, too. What I hadn’t counted on was Dougy. Dougy! I’m wrestling his unhappy brother, and Dougy got up on the counter, not an approved kitty activity!


Gad! Andy got his medicine, but Dougy made it a challenge beyond the usual challenge. Bad kitty! He knows he’s not supposed to hop on the counter!

Post 1204: “Trust me!”

It’s time for Andy’s medicine, and I look around for the little rascal. Is he nearby? In hiding? Under my computer desk? And will I be able to get him to trust me long enough for me to snatch him up? It’s a daily challenge, as you know.


Is he in the other room?110916 1st one in trust me.jpg

Under my computer desk?110916 last.jpg

Aw! There he is!110916 trust me next to last.jpg

Trust me, Andy?110916 trust me last.jpg

I guarantee, he doesn’t trust me around medicine time. This is pretty much the closest Andy gets to me till I do the deed.

Post 827: It’s Caturday and he’s sneaky Pete…

Andy managed to be “unavailable” yesterday afternoon when it was time for his medicine. I didn’t see him, in fact, until this morning, his escape and evasion plan was so efficacious! Bad kitty!

Today’s another story. Apparently Andy forgot or neglected to notice it’s medicine time again, but today he’s hovering over me while I type this post….!

Andy is so cute, I can't be mad at him!

Andy is so cute, I can’t be mad at him!

That’s where I am on Caturday this week. Can’t stick around. Better catch me a kitty and give him his medicine while the kitty is handy. Handy Andy.