Post 1946: it’s all in the presentation…

The kitty food bag tear strip is a favorite “toy”, but sometimes I have to vary presentation to keep it fresh for the kitty boys.

Rawr! Dougy ambushes the tear strip critter!

Dougy is amused. He had a great time today!

32 thoughts on “Post 1946: it’s all in the presentation…

  1. You play fun games at your house, Mr. Doug. I think I saw one of those tear strips on the table at my house, but Mom threw it out before I could play with it. I guess she was afraid I’d tried to eat it, ’cause I like to nibble on plastiies [plastic] and wrappers.

    • That is why I store the tear strip in an old prescription bottle with a child proof cap. I have to make sure neither Andy nor Dougy has access to things that crinkle because they will try to eat them every time. I once had to remove a candy wrapper from Andy’s mouth after he started to swallow it! It was a scary and eye opening moment for me. I was uinaware cats found crinkly things that interesting.

    • Yes, the kitty boys find a piece of paper lots of fun, andf one of the mosre successful toys ever weas an unshelled walnut that they batted around like Renaldo!

  2. Sure, you’ve got to be creative to keep them entertained.
    I couldn’t help it, Doug, but the title of your post reminded me of an old French joke:
    Two little boys are watching a woman breastfeeding her baby on the balcony across the street. The 4-year old turns to his big brother and asks, “What is this baby eating or drinking with such gusto?”
    “Ah, – replies the 6-year old, – it’s simple milk, but the presentation, uh-la-la!”

          • Isn’t that pretty much the case for people posting about their beloveds? Anyway, may you have a very productive and prosperous New Year, too, Dolly! I look forward to the yummy treats you make and post about in 2019. On tyop of it, they are exceptionally healthy, something we all can benefit from. As I like to joke, “Food is good!” And following your posts, I can add, “And some is better than other foods.”

          • Good heralth is the focus here, for sure! I regularly seem to have my worst health issues around this time of year, so tread lightly till ther start of spring! Thank you in return!

          • Thanks! We’vfe had a tyypical mix (for Nebraska) of unseasonally warm weather and typical “freeze yer toes” wearther. I find that extreme a buit tedious and difficulty to acclimate to. As for health, I am currently doing pretty well, though I did catch that dry cough thing going around, thanks to someone who should have stayed home a few days but didn’t! (We immunosuppressed people can be very unforgiving about that sort of negligence!) I’m glad I finally got over that. I had no choice but to get out, but I wore a mask so I didn’t share the disease.

          • I don’t know how people stand this kind of climate! I tried to survive in Philadelphia, when I first came to US, and had bronchitis every winter that lasted until it got warmer. After four years of that misery, I escaped to sunny Florida. If I never ever see snow in my life, other than on pictures, I won’t miss it, believe me!
            Take care of yourself, dear friend! Kitty boys need you!

    • The only negative is it’s short enough that I sometimes get a little clawing if I don’t pay attention! Other than that, bolth Andy and Dougy agree that it is lots of fun.

  3. Yes, it is all in the presentation! 🙂 Dougy look like one happy kitty!

    I will be changing out Lucio’s paper bag today. He tore up the last one pretty good and is ready for another. 🙂

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