Post 1961: Respect my authority!

I have a physical disability and one speed, slow! Since I am responsible for giving Andy his blood pressure medicine twice a day, that disability might make a difference. Except! Yes, except, my kitty boys seem convinced my cane has some magical holding quality. If I point it at them, they tend to stop. If I put it on top of them…! Yes, it is my authority.

As you can see above, “respect” doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t get a “stink eye” from Andy when I catch him with the cane so he can get his midday medicine. 

14 thoughts on “Post 1961: Respect my authority!

  1. Mom says your sort of like Gandolph the wizard with his staff from ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ Tee hee hee. Maybe Andy and Dougy think the staff has magical powers that will freeze them or turn them to stone. Yikes!

  2. This recalls me a very far past when I was teacher . When I questioned a student I put a long stick to 10 cm above his head and mysteriously the good answer came ! Your cane is pedagogical, Doug: this is a magical stick.
    In friendship

    • Ha! Ha! Thanks for the insight, Michel! I knew you were an inspector of schools before you retired, but should have realized you started out as a teacher.

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