Post 1962: window time…

Dougy’s eye is much better. He can tolerate the bright light at the window again and enjoy the sad little marigolds trying their best to get all the winter sun possible.

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    • Yes, and caring for his eye issues will help assure him healthy eyes into elder cathood. The same goes for Andy with his blood pressure. In both instances, preserving sight is the issue. Of course, kidney health is another issue with Andy’s medical issue, and you know what that can do to a cat’s quality of life, having just dealt with poor Willow and her kidney failure.

    • Je suis content de pouvoir avoir un petit coin de soucis dans le froid de l’hiver et que les garçons de chat les laissent seuls! La blessure à la jambe (d’un bassin brisé d’enfance) est maintenant guérie. Puisque je sais ce qui cause la douleur, je sais que je ne dois pas bouger cette jambe de manière à blesser les nerfs et les tissus musculaires. Je pense que j’ai mal bougé pendant mon sommeil parce que je me suis bien couchée, mais je me suis réveillée à peine capable de marcher! Meilleurs voeux à toi et à ta charmante épouse!

  1. It’s good to hear Dougy is well, and I love those little marigolds on your window sill. I have to keep all house plants in here in the bathroom to keep the kitties from eating them. It is good Dougy and Andy leave the marigolds alone.

    Hope you are doing well, Doug. How are you?

    • I’m encouraged. Tomorrow (Monday, January 14th) , his veterinarian follow up will let me know if he can stop eye drops or continue them.

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