Post 1960: Why does Andy like that spot?

He’s purring and closing his eyes in ecstasy. He points his face toward the ceiling and stays that way for long periods. Why does Andy like this recliner spot?

It’s directly under a ceiling fan!

16 thoughts on “Post 1960: Why does Andy like that spot?

  1. I know the recliner is not the familiar point of Dougy . I wonder if the air coming from the fan is good for the cat ‘s eyes . But Andy has not any problem with his eyes .
    In friendship

  2. It smells like your hair!

    Seriously, I was told cats love lying on things that smell like their human. Mine has taken to sleeping on my battered old canvas sneakers, which I suspect aren’t very sweet-smelling. She’d also sleep on my bed pillows if I let her, since she loves cuddling in my hair. I don’t feel the same way about her hair however, especially all over my face when I wake up in the mornings.

    • I know that kitty hair all over the face business! Dougy always sticks his tail (or worse) on my face, and that generally works exceedingly well to get me up!

    • Could well be. The lack of proper insulation in this apartment makes heating it (or cooling) problematic. The same setting that yields 91 one day could yield 68 degrees another much colder day. I try to keep it in the low-to-mid 70s, but apparently it is warmer outside today because it is 79 in this room!

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