Post 1985: upset…!

Dougy’s upset with me. I ignored him, he thinks, but I was trying to turn off my laptop so I could “scritch” his eats without that weight on my lap.

“Dougy…” He hears me but is ignoring me. Oh! Oh! He’s upset!

He turns toward me, if but a little. Still upset!

“Dougy….” Wow! He’s really upset with me this time!

Dougy finally “let” me rub his head and “scritch” his ears. All’s forgiven and Dougy is in a good mood again!

21 thoughts on “Post 1985: upset…!

    • He got over whatever it was soon after. (He doesn’t have the personality to stay upset. Andy, on the other hand, probably holds a grudge.)

  1. I wonder why it needs such a long time to turn off laptops… there is something wrong with this gadgets … and to make the “time wasting” complete it screams update! update! if we are anyway in a hurry…

    • Amazing, isn’t it, how those dang updates always happen when you are either trying to get off the laptop fast so you can take on a task elsewhere or you need some information on your bank account right now, but the million files that need updated chose that very moment to do it! Absolutely the worst update was one that took over an hour!

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