Post 1984: slowly starting our day…

Dougy sneaks up on me. Next, he rubs on my legs and I stroke his back and tail while he weaves back and forth. Never fails! It’s our morning ritual.

Andy sneaks up from the side and roosts on the recliner back. He wants to know if I’m going to give him kitty medicine, so his trust level is low!

Once he’s decided he can trust me, it’s over to the recliner arm closer to me so I can rub his head and ears. Purr, purr, purr! (Then I give him his kitty medicine. LOL!)

22 thoughts on “Post 1984: slowly starting our day…

    • Most timers, he gets away first! We both have lots of practice being sneaky. I think we must be four years into this kitty medicine routine. I’ll have to look for sure.

    • It’s pathetic that poor Andy can’t trust me. It goes back to kittenhood when he and his brother had diarrhea and got several poop baths., He fought it more than Dougy.

    • Dougy was the eye drop kitty. Andy gets medicine for high blood pressure, though it’s had to imagine why a cat would have high blood pressure. (Apparently it is common enough. It needs to be controlled for the sake of their eyesight, kidneys, and vascular health, though.)

    • I count on it, though he always acts a little “goosey”, even when I’m just reaching down to him to pet him or give him kitty treats. Poor little guy!

    • I agree. Poor Andy always acts like I’m about to hurt him when I approach him, even when it’s to pet or give him kitty treats. It goes back to kittenhood when he and Dougy had diarrhea and the two got lots of poop baths. Andy took it personally. Dougy just fought it while in the bath, but got over it soon after.

      • We have to catch Floki today or tomorrow and put him in a carrier to get his nails trimmed because he wont let us do it. Once we do that, it will take a long time before he will let us get close again.

        • I just had an Andy moment. Barely got away from me while he was standing on the walker, where the next dose of medicine was. Trust is lost again for the time being, and catching him should be a challenge!

          Best wishes on catching FlokIi! My kitty boys’ nails are pigmented black the entire length, and I am hesitant to try to trim them…~!

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