Post 2313: “You are getting sleepy…!”


Dougy had a busy morning  He starts to take a cat bath…


…but succumbs to the urgings of Morpheus. His sleepy eyes are about to close.

Slowly, he drifts off. A short snooze is all it takes, then he’s up and about . You can learn from your pets: feel sleepy, take a nap! 



Post 2096: mockingbirds hold their own…

Dougy didn’t react to this insult.

Hard to believe Douglas barely touches the top surface of this mockingbird or…

…this. I mean, he really puts his kitty philosophy of “KILL! KILL! KILL!” on these kitty toys, snatching them out of the air and shaking them violently as long as they move, thanks to me.

The only damage on the bottom side is a little loose string or two on this mockingbird and…

…not much of anything I can spot on this one. Has Dougy given up? Is he putting on a kitty show for my benefi, but giving the mockingbirds a break for their sake? I think not! They just seem to be better made than most kitty toys. Andy is more gentle with them -“kill, kill, kill” instead of “KILL! KILL! KILL!” – but he still is pretty rough, just not as rough as Dougy, when it comes to kitty toys.


Post 2085: kitty boys return home, clipped…

I imagine the new look won’t be popular with everyone, but the mat problem finally got too severe to continue with long hair. Dougy, above. is happy to lose all that hair now that warm days are coming! (So’s Andy, though he hjasn’t cooperated yet withg being photographed. Not to worry. I’ll photograph him eventually, in his time!)

Another look at Dougy’s new look.

A more formal pose. Dougy is aware of the “camera” (smart phone).

Dougy stops in the act of grooming to show off a little!

Now he’s really showing off …and tempting me to “scritch” his tummy! Back to normal.

Post 1985: upset…!

Dougy’s upset with me. I ignored him, he thinks, but I was trying to turn off my laptop so I could “scritch” his eats without that weight on my lap.

“Dougy…” He hears me but is ignoring me. Oh! Oh! He’s upset!

He turns toward me, if but a little. Still upset!

“Dougy….” Wow! He’s really upset with me this time!

Dougy finally “let” me rub his head and “scritch” his ears. All’s forgiven and Dougy is in a good mood again!

Post 1924: anticipating Andy…

Andy and Dougy amuse each other with ambushes and wild chases. Today, it was Dougy’s turn to ambush Andy…if he ever passed the recliner. Dougy patiently waited for the fun! (Look closely, and you can see Dougy’s “horns” in some of the photos. He’s anticipating the chase.)


As you can see from this earlier photo of Andy, the recliner foot rest is a favorite roosting spot for both kitty boys. 

Post 1909: under the weather…

The kitty boys are fine, but I’m getting over a viral infection (?) attacking my throat. This will probably serve for today’s and tomorrow’s blog post, though I am feeling better. “Better” meaning I’m coughing less, though I am physically exhausted.

Post 1862: Dougy, before and after…

IMG_20180818_005756 (1)

Before he’s brushed, Dougy has this look…


…but this is his look for next to no time after he’s brushed. His ruff is starting to mess up in the after photo, for that matter!

Post 1812: recon on breakfast…


The best place to do recon on breakfast, that is to keep a sharp eye on the human. Andy likes to do it from the top of the all-in-one machine.  After all, Andy wants to be there first!


 Some activity out there! Looking hopeful!


Woo hoo! Andy knows breakfast is about to be served.


It’s hard to get a clear photo of eating kitty boys. They really chow down! Part of it is Dougy trying to finish his kitty food because Andy always finishes his part, then nuzzles into Dougy’s part. (Andy, on right.)


This one is for Marylou of “natuurfreak” to show her what it’s like here in Western Nebraska when the sunflower seeds get enough moisture to cover the Sandhills with sunflowers:

sunflowers in Sandhills (This not my photo and I don’t know who took it. I will give credit if they identify themselves or if I find the photo with credit given…) This scene from the Nebraska Sandhills cheers my heart!

Post 717: new toy…

Cat toys don’t have a chance! I try to have replacements for favorite toys on hand for that inevitable moment the old toy reaches its end.

This toy is dead...!

This toy is dead…!

Long live the exciting new toy!

Long live the exciting new toy!

Excitement builds in anticipation of play with the new toy! (The boys are creawling all over the desk trying to get to the toy, which I try to photograph, then hide from them...!)

Excitement builds in anticipation of play with the new toy!
(The boys are crawling all over the desk trying to get to the toy, which I try to photograph, then hide from them…!)

Both boys converge on the mother lode: the old toy and the new toy, just there, waiting to be taken!

Both boys converge on the mother lode: the old toy and the new toy, just there, waiting to be taken!

Dougy makes a move, but Doug (the human one pulls the toys away at the last second...!

Dougy makes a move, but Doug (the human one) pulls the toys away at the last second…!

"#*&@^#*!" Wow! I didn't know Dougy knew that word!

Wow! I didn’t know Dougy knew that word! We are not happy!