Post 2210: more medical stuff…


Tedious! I have to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours and document any anomolous moments – light-headedness, pain, whatever….


Andy is not sympathetic. He has a heart murmur.


Fortunately, it’s not too heavy, big, of difficult to wear. I thought I heard “three days” when they told me I had to wear it, though it’s actually 24 hours. Whew!

I take it off at 9:10 AM today. I’ll survive.


Good thing I have a kitty cat to reduce my stress level till then! Thanks, Andy!





53 thoughts on “Post 2210: more medical stuff…

  1. How ironic, yesterday my doctor told me I have to wear a halter to monitor my heart. This morning I get a like from you Doug. Life eh? You also know some of the same bloggers I do, I guess that’s not too unusual. Take care!

  2. Andy can sympurrthize with you. Mom says her white kitty she had before me had a hurt murmur and he lived a long life of 17+ years. My Grandpa has a heart murmur, but it hasn’t caused him any issues that Mom knows of.

    • Interesting and helpful! I am aware of these things because I’ve had a chronic condition (Wegener’s granuilomatosis) since 2003 and it was the severe form (kidney, lung, and sinus involvement). I was under the long term care of a pulmonologist until he moved to another state. Happily enough, I’m under his care again through a clinic he serves in a nearby town’s specialties clinic. I have always been comfortable discussing my illness with him (and other doctors), and he told me peretty much everything I needed to know about personal responsibility for my health that your blog discusses. (It is, incidentally, and exccellent reference for people less familiar with the subject!)

    • Me, too. I’ve had so many appointments, surgeries, hospitalizations, cat scans, X-rays, etc. this past month that I just don’t feel like anything intensive again for a time!

  3. Hope you get good news. I started with a 24 hour monitor, then they put me on a 7-day one. 7 Days! Yikes! In the end there was nothing wrong. I have an extra heartbeat which is of no consequence but they took some time to figure it out.

    • I suspect I will be put on another prescription, but it could be as much as a pacemaker to correct it. At this point, I think the prescription is more likely since I apparently walked around and lived with this irregularity for some time without being aware of a problem.

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