Post 2309: Andy’s new prey…

Andy notices something of interest…

…on the laptop. Does he dare?!

Oh yeah! A “mousie tail”!  Faster than a smart phone can take a photo, Andy attacks the tail and kill, kill, kills it! Sorry I missed the “money shot”. It was too cute, of course, the sort of photo you’d really enjoy for how it completed the story line. This is a cat blog, however, and missing that all important shot is just the way it tends to go. Andy apologizes for jumping the gun!


6 thoughts on “Post 2309: Andy’s new prey…

    • That’s part of what happens when I miss a good shot. LOL! (Of course, sometimes it’s just a matter of skill level, camera capabilities, ability to anticipate the next thing the subject will do, or plain dumb luck!)

    • It’s one of the cutest features of long-haired kitties! In short-haired kitties, the horns don’t show up, but the forehead wrinkles instead.

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