Post 2310: Dougy tries to be “kool”!

Dougy tries to sneak a long look at me, which is very rude for a cat! Closing his eyes when he notices I see him watching me, he thinks I can’t see him. I say, “Oh! Where did the kitty go?!” 

Caught in the act, he starts to take a kitty bath. Good move, Dougley, but I have your number!

Sly kitty! Dougy keeps one eye open just enough so he can continue to watch me, then he wears himself out and takes a cat nap. 

7 thoughts on “Post 2310: Dougy tries to be “kool”!

    • Should be – they spend three-fourths of that 30 minutes a day they aren’t eating or playing taking kitty baths! LOL! Actually, they do spend a lot of time cleaning up and grooming, and I help to the extent they like the help.

  1. Dougy you don’t need to try you are always a kool cat. If fact Echo and Pixie would gladly swap either or both of their brothers and/or each other. for you. But if you do ever visit make sure you bring Andy Echo and Pixie would fight over you too much if you came alone. You KOOL cat!

    • Woo hoo! Dougy always likes to meet other kool kitties! (Make sure to hide the furniture, though, because Dougy skips the scratching posts for a good piece of furniture.)

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