Post 2308: What? No fish either?

So I put on a cat video featuring fish in an aquarium. Surely Wee Andrew will love, love, love that

He swatted a few times at this fish or that, then made a hasty departure. What kind of kitty boy are you, Andy? No fish for you? He’s a string kind of cat no matter how I try to expand his interests!


So what about the human in Andy and Dougy’s lives?

Same old, same old. Three times a week, go to dialysis; wrap up in blankets and that lovely, warm scarf, turn on the recliner heater, and dialysize for four hours; oops – got a little blood on my shirt when the arterial needle was taken out! Other than that, do a cat blog for the hundreds of fans around the world! 

29 thoughts on “Post 2308: What? No fish either?

  1. I really do wish you better health Doug! Our health is the most important asset we have!
    We never realize that until we get sick.
    Btw,cats sometimes do not like the static build up on the TV screen. It makes their toes twinkle.

    • How true! I was 55 before I had any significant health issues, then I came down with Wegener’s granulomatosis and nearly succumbed to that. Pow! Healthy one day, and close to death the next! Anyway, thanks!

      I imagine that static electricity is especially vexing in cats with long hair! LOL! There are times where I live that the mere act of showing one’s kitties affection results in sparks when you pet them: Low humidity!

  2. Dear Doug and Your Lovely Cats, happy New Year! I hope and wish things to be easy for you this year, Thank you for being with us, Love, nia

    • It is, almost! It is mostly boring, though the dialysis set up includes a television to keep you entertained as best one can be with a television. I usually watch Animal Planet programming or CNN or Food Network. Hallmark and CMT channels have reruns of Golden Girls and Roseanne, another alternative some days. One could read, though I currently have the fistula arm taped to the recliner chair because of the possibility of moving in a way that involves problems with the needles. Handling reading material with one hand is a bit problematic!! I’ve opted out of getting a transplant because of my age. There are younger people who can benefit for longer buy getting the transplant. (Hope yours lasts forever, too!)

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