03Apr20: Nanook vs. Andy…


No two ways about it, Andy is fascinated by the classic documentary film, Nanook of the North!

* He formulates his plan, the best hunt of his season!

20200329_232948 (1)

They’re getting away, Andy!  

RAWR! Damn that Nanook!

  * Sorry about all the movement. I was unaware I was shooting video at the time!

14 thoughts on “03Apr20: Nanook vs. Andy…

  1. I laughed when I saw Andy staring at the image of Nanook walking away from the camera. When Sunny sees people running away on the TV, she jumps at them as if she’s trying to follow them. We’ve had talks about “this is just a picture, please don’t jump on the TV,” but she finds the screen endlessly fascinating.

    • He’s nearly knocked it over before. The old flat screen was heavier and could take a cat getting enthusiastic about an image on it, but this more modern and newer smart television is surprisingly light. The feet on it are a bit too spread to fit totally on the television screen, with one side resting on an unstable pile of music CDs, not the best arrangement, either. I really need to get a proper television stand!

    • It was lots of fun watching Andy react to this documentary! Sadly, the Inuit fellow who played Nanook died of starvation the next year while trying to find food on the hoof. The family wasn’t his, either. Regardless, it was interesting to watch again after forty-five (!) years. I was a college student the first time I saw it.

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