02April20: shift change…

A big moment in the Andylandia vs. Dougylandia kitty lounger wars!

A nonviolent shift change! Dougy yields to Andy for time on the second kitty lounger and there was no squabble or posturing beforehand.

22 thoughts on “02April20: shift change…

    • I was happy to see them behave! They continue to behave now that there are two prime location kitty loungers available. Sometimes they boop each other once or twice lightly, not meaning it but feeling they need to gently remind each other of kitty things. Just now, they are doing their chase things where they take turns being the prey and run wildly through the apartment till they tire out.

    • “Some” indeed! Dang cat! Dougy and I have had a long time fight about that problem. At some point, I will have no kitties, and then I’ll have it recovered. Of course, if there is material made of Kevlar, it might be kitty proof. I’ve tried different things to stop this behavior, but apparently am not smarter than a cat!

      • Lucio went after Rick’s exercise bench some years ago. It was brown vinyl, so we covered the scratches with appropriately matching duct tape. As for other furniture, the best luck I have had was to put an approved scratching post in front of the favorite scratching spot. That has worked the best, so far, but I am not sure what you could do for your poor ottoman. 🙂

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