26Apr20: Andy’s tired of being the one…

I point my smart phone at Andy, and he leaves the scene. Too much Andy on the blog lately, he complains. But Dougy usually isn’t around when I’m working on new posts, I protest.


Andy thinks about it and decides to give us a show.

See it?! See it?! Somewhere around :09, he wiggles his right ear! Thanks Andy. For a kitty, you are quite magnanimous!

26 thoughts on “26Apr20: Andy’s tired of being the one…

    • It’s a possibility! Dougy seems to be the more emotional of the two. Yes, I think that is so about Andy, Michel. (Hope you and Janine are safe and doing well!)

    • Since I had to go to the business class and pay $300 a year for a blog that makes less than $100 in three years, I figure I should bury the posts in as many photos as possible to get my money’s worth. Some days I don’t post more than one or two photos, but lots of days I can post tons of them and create a little story. Those are the days I like best!

    • I personally like to feature both at the same time when they cooperate, but what I get is what I get on most days. You know how that goes with cats and other animals

  1. Thank you for sharing Andy’s most invigorating and inspiring video. I have now settled down enough to express my gratitude after having been mesmerized by the excruciating excitement of the fluid movement of the ear.

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