27Apr20: nom! nom! nom!


Andy’s chowing down on cat grass. If you have cats, you know what comes next! (I need to run a vacuum over the carpet again. There’s a litter box just beyond this spot, then find where Andy barfed cat grass.) 

12 thoughts on “27Apr20: nom! nom! nom!

  1. Curiously, Barmalei isn’t interested in cat grass, and he is the only “barfing” one here. The girls are cat grass enthusiasts but they never throw up.
    You have a cute water fountain, Doug. Is it connected to water supply in some way?

  2. Yes, we know what comes next. We don’t have cat grass anymore cause Tyebe was pulling the grass around the house in it’s box! Mom was not impressed with the muscles in her jaw though I was. Dirt would spill out and Tyebe left the box all around the house. Besides we didn’t eat the grass very often so mom kept having to cut it.


    • I don’t know if I am 100% behind having it available, but I continue to grow it just the same since Andy will use it.

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