12May20: What time is it?


Andy is quite happy to sleep on top of the recliner back…


…until his internal alarm tells him it’s…


…”Kitty Food Time”! “Dang it, Doug [the human]!  I’m pointed in the “Kitty Food Time” direction. What do I have to do to get you to head to the kitchen to prepare my kitty food?!”

12 thoughts on “12May20: What time is it?

  1. I work overnight and feed the cats when I get home. On nights when I don’t work, they figure any time I go downstairs is feeding time,, regardless what time of day

    • I have to be careful about walking near the kitchen at times other than kitty food time because they assume any time I’m in the kitchen is kitty food time!

    • It often is accompanied with scratching on the arm of my chair, meowing, both kitty boys hopping on furniture, and general mayhem till I get the hint. LOL!

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