07May20: when in Rome…

Exhausted. Such a day. The kitty boys’ groomer changed house rules and no longer grooms kitties, no matter how adorable. They’d already missed the March appointment because of the COVID-19 shutdown, so are quite, um, needing that grooming appointment! Then I got a message saying they recommended another groomer who actually has a mobile service that comes to the client’s home and grooms the pets in a trailer “office” pulled by a pickup. The new groomer was contacted, is delighted to have the kitty boys, but, because of the crush in appointment time availability, won’t be able to get them in till early July. Good enough! The kitty boys will be very much in need of grooming by them, and I will be happy to have the groomer coming to me instead of me taking them to the groomer’s. The service is more expensive, though that is to be expected since it is  mobile service.

20200507_002240 (1)

Andy knocked my laptop onto the floor awhile ago, breaking the hinge. It’s been getting worse, little by little, and now is tragically worse yet. Of course, all this happened during the COVID-19 mess. The place I bought it and would have taken it for repairs (if possible) or replacement is in Scottsbluff, which has the most people sick with the disease and where, in the store where I bought it, one of the first people found to have the disease. As long as I can charge it and the electronics hold up, I guess I’ll just get along with it. What a pain!