20Aug20: playing the piano…

Whoop! Whoop! Andy wraps his tail around my arm when I “play piano” on his spine!  Then, of course…

…he has to clean up. Fun then take care of kitty business.


31 thoughts on “20Aug20: playing the piano…

    • It was a movie about a family that took in problem older children and changed their lives for the good. The Christmas scene had to be tossed in to emphasize the family aspect, I think. It was a sappy but feel good movie. I enjoyed the movie a lot, and recommend it if a person is feeling down because of the state of things with COVID-19, etc.


          • Thanks, Doug. It’s so sad. Look at the old time movies, the actors and actresses. Such class and style. No mention of political hatred.

          • Yeah, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, Frank Capra’s upbeat look at the power of the people and an American idealism when manifested in one motivate person made one feel good to be born here. Civility, class, optimism, a belief in the institutions that brought us to where we are and offer the hope of on going progression toward to incredible and historic perfection… those were the days!

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