22aug20: Andy just woke up.


Andy just woke up and hasn’t had time to wipe the eye snot off. “No fair! Cuteness doesn’t just happen, Douglas!” So it goes. I’ll try to pay attention next time. Andy has his standards, but Caturday is one day he thinks I should leave him alone.


18 thoughts on “22aug20: Andy just woke up.

    • Andy isn’t thrilled by it either, though I just do it when the gunk is especially hard and looks like Andy won’t get it off during his own baths.

  1. When we had our long haired black cat, Roscoe, we came up with the word goobiegabwas for the eye messes. Thanks for the memories of our Rossie

    • That he was, and he prefers to be left alone till he’s had his kitty version of a cup of coffee. I’m the same way, so, of course, I ignore his mood if he gets grumpy first thing after a kitty nap.

    • Andy isn’t cooperative when I try, but I have helped when he had particularly tenacious eye snot. He usually does a good job of cleaning it off by traditional kitty boy methods.

  2. Catorze absolutely loathes having his eye-snot wiped off. I use baby muslins to do it because I worry that tissues might shed bits. He writhes, kicks and screams as if I am trying to exorcise demons from him.

      • I’ve been washing any of our kitties eyes that need it with Bausch & Lomb sterile saline first. Seems to help loosen the goo and flush out allergens. I imagine that would be hard to do on some cats though! 🙂

        • Andy doesn’t tolerate help, but I think you are smart to use the sterile saline wipes first since some cats – Persians in particular – are prone to eye infections. Dougy periodically had to go through the annoyance of eye antibiotic eye drops for these infections.

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