Post 2133: bugged Dougy…

IMG_20190703_020951Dougy spotted a large beetle on the lampshade…


…that held his attention even after it flew off. (Dougy missed that!)


But fly off it did, and Dougy finally got it: The bug’s not here any longer!



Andy and Dougy are struck by the irony that each year Americans blow up hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fireworks made in the People’s Republic of China to celebrate the birth of freedom in America. Silly people! So, enjoy your fireworks on this, the 4th of July holiday!


40 thoughts on “Post 2133: bugged Dougy…

  1. Dougy and Andy, I don’t understand the hoop la that humans have about fireworks either. Purrsonally I think those monies would be better spent on helping out homeless, injured and sick anipals.

  2. How did it go Doug? Was it loud enough to make the boys run under the bed?
    I found your comment about the fireworks well said.
    I saw Trump had a ballistic shield around him today. He finally got his wall!

    • The hunt;’s still on! We survived the 4th, though both came to me for reassurances while the bombarb-dment went on. I’m amazed they settled down after my reassurances. (I picked them up and pet them, telling them that they were safe, that the noise wouldn’t hurt them. I’m surprised that worked for one, let alone both cats!)

  3. That’s just plain old ludicrous Doug! Everything is made in China today, I believe Unions and American greed among other things are responsible for this outrage.

    • How true. I was just thinking about that yesterday, wondering what, if anything, is made in America these days. I know the factory where I worked makes hydraulic and industrial hoses that was shipped worldwide, and the corporation that owns it has several factories in the US (and abroad) that makes control devices for such things as military and passenger jets. That’s one. On the other hand, there’s that Buick SUV imported from China!

    • They were blasting off here between 9-11 PM last night, with most of the worst of it over by 10. As a retiree, that isn’;t a problem, but it used to be a frustration to try to get sleep for the next day of work when fireworks were blasting day and night. I think people used to blow up more of them in past than now. At least here that seems to be the case.There is a 10 day block where people can blow these dang things up in my town, but I don’t remember hearing any before July 3rd.

  4. What a great parallel
    We buy China’s fireworks to celebrate a holiday that is largely based in freedom
    Its so obivious yet so buried….happy 4th Doug..hope the guys are well also…I’m holding down the best I can…As always Sheldon

    • Thanks, Sheldon! I helped the kitty boys survive the racket, which, fortunately, seemed concentrated between 9-11 PM this year.

        • Now people ask fireworks blasters consider not only the cats, dogs, and other animals in their neighborhoods, but those PTSD-suffering veterans. Ironic, isn’t it, that this day where that racket is considered patriotic also has the potential effect of simulating war or triggering nightmares they suffered in war for those who served and suffer the effects?

    • Tnanks, Michel! I often wondered if the Founding Fathers had advocated writing an essay on freedom or some other aspect of the national life as a way to observe the 4th of July if we’d still celebrate it today! LOL! I guess fireworks are an improvement over some of the dangers of earlier years. They used to blow an anvil into the air with dynamite as one way to celebrate the holiday.

  5. we wish the firework stuff would fly off forever too…. why we can not celebrate without this sh*t? but fortunately today is thursday so the kids can do fireworks to destroy the environment and tomorrow they blame us on friday for future for using plastic bottles… YAY! but a Happy Birthday to the US, we love your country and we wish you all a good independence day…

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