Post 1933: I guess the lounger is officially Andy’s now…

Dougy watches Andy. Andy’s on the lounger Dougy traditionally claimed as his own!

Andy is relaxed. Looks like he’s about to clean up, too!

Dougy watches Andy clean up. He’s surprisingly calm about it. This would be a classically perfect time to chase Andy!

Cleaning his “precious”! Andy is totally unconcerned Dougy might chase him.

It’s official: Dougy is OK with Andy spending time on the lounger! It’s time for a cat nap.

12 thoughts on “Post 1933: I guess the lounger is officially Andy’s now…

    • Hard to say. They revertyed to form after I gave them credit for working it out, but Andy seems to have returned to prime user statius. He’s on it right now, in fact~! Cats!

    • It does, doesn;t it? Chaise lounges are the only potentially similarly comfortable pieces of furniture I can think of that miught approach these cat loungers for comfort. The kitties definmitely like them, and my Seattle sister’s late cat Sox was very aggressive when he was on his – he didn’t like anyone or any cat neqar it!

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