31Aug20: One, two, three…you’ve been warned!

Andy rejects my attention all the way! He knows I know he knows I know we know this is his Sanctum Sanctorum: Don’t Approach!


32 thoughts on “31Aug20: One, two, three…you’ve been warned!

  1. LOL Andy! Our sister Lilah does that too!! She says NOPE with her back foot. She’s fluffy and black but not as fluffy as you are!

  2. Andy, you’re a sweet boy! You must care for Doug a lot. When I do that to Sunny, she swats my hand away with claws out! If I’m lucky, I get away with just a little scratch. Sometimes though, she draws blood! Take care, the both of you.

      • It must5 be part of the Kitty Cat Death Code of Deportment and Self Preservation from Loving Hands because it seems Andy’s response is not unique! Yes, he draws blood by claw and/or tooth if I ignore his obvious warnings. On the other hand (no pun intended) it is hard to resist petting him, he’s so soft and sweet.

    • It seems there is a pattern here we humans chose to ignore…at risk to life and limb! Andy in a small kitty but he responds to my hand like he is the biggest, baddest panther on the face of earth: RAWR!

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