16Oct20: kitties still don’t like coffee…

“Kuriosity Kat” spots it, a mug of coffee Doug recklessly left on the end table.

Andy approaches the mug cautiously….

Andy has to check it out more closely…. Sniff!

“Hey! Kitties don’t like coffee!” Andy gets right in my face to let me know!

Andy always checks out my drinks and food. It might be good for kitty boys!




54 thoughts on “16Oct20: kitties still don’t like coffee…

    • I recently opened a can of tuna, anticipating Andy’s reaction – running from the far ends of the apartment to get his tuna water treat! – and discovered I accidentally bought tuna packed in oil. Oh well, I thought, and poured the oil into the kitty dish I reserve for tuna water. Andy arrived in the kitchen, sniffed the oil, and rejected it. That’s kind of my feeling about oil-packed tuna. I ate the tuna in sandwich spread form when I was done preparing it, but I was more vigilant when I bought the next can of tuna Monday!

    • I keep the dry ‘nip handy. I wonder if Andy wound drink catnip tea??? Hydrating a cat is important, ‘nip is a treat. Hmm. I think I’ll give it a try!

    • Yes, and there are lots of human foods that can cause serious consequences in out feline friends. I make sure Andy sticks with his kitty food and don’t leave temptation sitting out on counters.

  1. I never have to worry about Teddy. He will sniff at the cup of tea or coffee on my desk, but never tries to drink. Now pizza is another thing. He tries everything he can to get it, but never succeeds.

    • Elsewhere, the subject of catnip tea came up…! I’m tempted to make some and see if Andy likes it. The catnip I buy often has stems in it that look like they might cause problems in his digestive tract, but tea would be a better deal if he liked it. As for your Glengettie tea, I’m sure I’d like it!

    • p.s. I decided to check Amazon, and I have my order of Glengettie tea on the way! About time I find out what a genuine Englishman finds so special about this tea, eh, Gerry?!

      • Taste, Mon Ami, strong tangy, lovely!
        This tea was originally made for the Welsh Miners, Doug. The coal dust meant they could not taste ordinary tea after a while, but this cured the problem! Sometimes when I but some, it had Welsh writing on the box, even mowadays, so it must have appealled to the none-miners, being as there are so few left now.
        Wales was famous for its coal mining, in the Rhondda Valley, the South Wales Valleys and throughout the South Wales coalfield and by 1913 Barry had become the largest coal exporting port in the world, with Cardiff as second, as coal was transported down by rail. Northeast Wales also had its own coalfield and Tower Colliery (closed January 2008) near Hirwaun is regarded by many as the oldest open coal mine and one of the largest in the world. Wales has also had a significant history of mining for slate, gold and various metal ores. But amid the dying gasps of the industry are a series of attempts to open new surface mines, which would add to more than the handful left in operation today.

        I gort carried away there again. Sorry.

        • No problem! I enjoy history. On top of that, how people lived and made things, not the aristocracy, just the ordinary folks, throughout history is interesting to me. I had a vague understanding of Welsh mining, but most of what I know about life in Wales sort of came to me through Dylan Thomas’ poetry. It’s almost time for the annual reading of “”A Child’s Christmas in Wales”, too, a favorite! Oh, and Welsh men’s choirs….

          • The Welsh have a rich history, Doug, as you say. I always spare a few thoughts every January, of the pure heroism of those at the Rorke’s drift battle.
            The miners had no showers, had to go home after a 12 hour shift and use a tin bath in front of an oen fire vewry night, or mornings according to what shift they were on.

            The Aberfan disaster was the catastrophic collapse of a colliery spoil tip in Wales on 21 October 1966. The tip had been created on a mountain slope above the village of Aberfan, near Merthyr Tydfil. It buried a school filled with children, 144 deaths. Next Wednesday, 21st October, will be the first one I have not commemorated the disaster, due to the lockdown rules, we cannot meet at the Chapel this year.

            Sorry to be morbid, but my heart went out to them.

          • I understand. I feel the same way on September 11th every year. It is important we not forget those who suffered death under suspicious or tragically preventable circumstances.

          • I suspect we will have many such occasions not memorialized or commemorated for the duration, eh? It is contrary to the human ani8mal’s nature, yet we have little choice. I suspect the inauguration of the next president will be either a super spreader event – Trump – or a private affair with no balls, parade, or public swearing in, but, probably, a televised small affair – Biden. I find it especially sad, though when the events to memorialize disasters have to be cancelled, especially those within the memories of those alive when they happened.

          • These are odd times, ones we spoiled people of the industrialized world aren’t used to. I was at the grocery store Friday and there was a lot of toilet paper on the shelf, all sizes and sorts, but I wanted paper towels, of which there was a two-pack of the brand I wanted or a six pack of another brand I usually don’t buy. I use the paper towels to dry dishes and utensils instead of cloth towels, for hygienic reasons, so I took the larger pack of the brand I don’t usually buy.

            Gad! The paper towel situation got me thinking, “It’s just like Communist Cuba!” I laughed at my thought: The whole store might look like this in Cuba, and I’d learn to time my visits (thanks to rumors and insider information) for when the chickens would be in store for the first few in line. Oh boohoo, you spoiled American!

          • Again, you’re right, Doug, in what you say.
            I do the same with the kitchen towels.
            Oddly, the Auf Weidesehen Pet series set in Cuba, opened my eyes to this situation more than news reports did. A line from the programme: Cuban speaking: “We have nothing we want, but everything we need!”
            We d get care from the Labour Councillors hen we get old, thank God we are one of the very few Councils not run by shared or Torys.
            Still, as you prove, we can share out wit and fun twixt us!

          • Once again, in agreement! We old guys need to start a really nasty union, The Curmudgeons from Hell. Seems like a good name.

          • Struggling to get a reply sent here Doug? The internet is ghastly slow, why it will not let me I do not know.
            In the event that this get posted, its my eighth try. Doug.

          • They are coming through, though I understand the Internet issues, which my prover makes sure is inconsistent and always fails at night when I’m on it.

          • I presume the time they muck it up for me is the time of day they feel the fewest users will be pissed if they go ahead with their fiddling. What they don’t know is I am Customer From Hell when I pay for something and don’t get it. Frankly, I feel they should reduce their rates by the same percentage of their downtime. I’d suggested it to my Congressman and Senators, but they are gits on the side of corporations.

    • LOL! That was quite adventuresome of her. I hope there wasn’t any garlic or other harmful ingredients in it. Of course, it could be some forbidden foods – milk, for example, which Louie the ginger cat love, love, loved and I didn’t realize could cause gastric distress in cats – that are OK in small amounts.

    • A cat will be a cat, eh, Herman!? We have a routine here where I feed Andy his kitty food or some treats and catnip before I prepare my meals. He eats or sniffs those, then comes over to where I’m preparing my meal. He meows softly and swishes back and forth at my feet. I open the lower cabinet, he checks it for “mice”, then resumes his begging. While he’s begging, I let him sniff what I’ve prepared. “Kitties don’t like [fill in the blank], Andy.” Yes, never varies!

    • LOL! I will give cats that! Andy doesn’t even like milk, which is best for him since milk can cause digestion problems for many older cats.

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