Post 1083: sick of it!

For the sake of sanity, I posted this on Facebook: Left, centrist, right, libertarian: I’m sick of it all! As of today, I will “hide” all posts that show up on my timeline that have to do with the politics of the day. I will follow issues, of course, just not on Fakebook. Here it goes: All kitties and cute animals all the time! (I probably won’t respond to comments posted on this site, either. We’ll see.)

“Fakebook” was a typo. Or was it? Regardless, Facebook is the worst source of light in these dark times, and nothing comes of trying to correct the record. Unfortunately, “It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.” [William G. McAdoo (1863 – 1941)]

Andy's "medicine face"....

All kitties and cute animals all the time!


33 thoughts on “Post 1083: sick of it!

    • My Facebook feed is nearly cleared of crap from all shades of the political spectrum. It will save me lots of mind rot. I’ll stick with legitimate journalistic sources of information, not these unverified rumor sites typical of the Internet.

    • My initial experience on post-political Facebook is I do, too! Best yet, I’m not wasting my time trying to correct ignorance or pointing out where memes offer simplistic solutions to complex issues.

  1. Unfortunately it is hard to beat stupidity on any level. Too stupid to know you’re stupid. Sanity is more important than winning a stupid point…and personally I’d justz lovez me some morz pictures of the Boyz! ~~dru~~

    ps if it was mez you waz takinz aboutz…well I’m frequently to stupidz to recognize meselfz, Doug. purrrrrrrzzzzz

    • I like the new look of my feed on Facebook! As for WordPress Reader, I will just skip over the political ones. In past, I might have clicked on “like” or commented on those I felt were in error or needed some historical context, but I now will leave that to the people who still think they can change minds. LOL!

    • As the target for all nasty people, writing to another target for all nasty people, I grew up being told by my government that I could survive nuclear war if I ducked under my school desk and put my arms around my head. This is the little cartoon that was used to “reassure” children.

  2. I feel the same way, completely. Not just Facebook, anywhere.That expression sums it up. Was it Andy or Dougy I couldn’t tell.

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