15Oct20: …in which I try to stir the savage beast!

I set up objects Andy is known to find “pounceable”.

I call his name. If I toss these one by one, he will chase after them! Well, he has in past.

I have his attention!

Looks like progress! Andy is ready to play!

Or not. Rats! Andy just wants to rest on the lapboard.(Andy got into the spirit of “play” later.)






18 thoughts on “15Oct20: …in which I try to stir the savage beast!

  1. Maybe he’s reevaluating what playtime means now that Dougy isn’t around. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

    Mr. Doug, my mom asks: “Did your veterinarian indicate what might have taken Dougy’s life? We never did find out why our cat, Tiberius, went OTRB at such a young age several years ago. It was a rainy evening, two days after Christmas. I’ve often wondered if my Tiberius might have nibbled on a toxic plant somewhere outside, got into anti-freeze that maybe a neighbor left out, had a blood clot that took his life or maybe had coughing attack and couldn’t catch his breath. (He tended to have occassional coughing fits from allergies.) I’ve also wondered if maybe he went in shock from the human-grade Albacore tuna from the can I had served him a few times that Christmas, as I later learned that it has 3x the salt content than regular canned tuna! I still miss him each and every day.”

    • No, I never learned what caused Dougy’s death. I miss him a lot because he was such a comedian! Andy has always been a very serious kitty. When Dougy would play on the drop of a hat, Andy would watch a long time before he’d join in. On the other hand, he and Dougy played a game they made up using a string of a wand toy. If I hear Andy making a certain vocalization, I associate it with his call to Dougy to come play their game. It tears my heart out! Fortunately, it’s happened only once or twice since Dougy died.

    • I know it turned me off. I watch a little at the first, then turned to something else. I could see it wasn’t going to be anything but a show required to add legitimacy to her appointment.

    • LOL! Certainly some truth in that. He will watch television when I don’t expect him to. His tail stops swishing back and forth when Classical music is playing, making me think he likes it. Who knows!

    • I have four I take regularly, and only one is for a serious condition. Two are vitamins people on dialysis require to replace those depleted in the process and one is a phosphorus binder, something excess of which the kidney in healthy people takes care of. Still, too many!

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