19Oct20: The last fly…?

It showed up after I brought in the groceries….

Andy wanted his shot at it, but the fly never landed where he could strike. (Notice Andy’s “horns” are up!! He really, really, really wanted that fly!)

The fly’s last moments before I told myself I wasn’t waiting for kitty power to rid the apartment of this pest: I took out the swatter and kill, kill, killed the nasty little insect! Andy would have done as much.




25 thoughts on “19Oct20: The last fly…?

  1. Whoa….what brought out the killer in you, Doug? Not this poor innocent fly? Our flies took off overnight a while back. I think its telepathic power that lets them know the temperatures are going to drop. Snow and flies don’t go together.


    • Poor Dougy died on July 15h, Gerry. I asked the veterinarian to do a post mortem, but he apparently didn’t do it or didn’t find any cause of death. I was concerned that Andy might be affected if it was a pathogen, but fortunately, it must not have been since Andy subsequently had a veterinarian appointment and got a clean bill of health.

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