23Oct20: A remembrance of Dougy.

Dougy left a mark on this home. Yeah, the Ottoman took a big hit, but it was Dougy’s favorite place to rule his domain.

The kitty boys got along well, though there were occasional clashes over the kitty loungers. Dougy’s giving Andy one of his looks from the lounger here.

Andy wasn’t in the mood for Dougy’s petulance that day, and he taunts him with his paw!

Mostly, they worked together to catch millers and flies!

Andy and I miss Dougy.

34 thoughts on “23Oct20: A remembrance of Dougy.

    • Yes, I feel a bit less sad each day, but there always is that moment where it comes back, even for the two earlier kitties, Freckles and Louie the ginger kitty.

  1. Cats have such unique personalities and curiously distinct character traits. I took photographs of our late great Whiskers in 1961 those photos survive to this very day. Looking forward to sharing them on the web in digital incarnation. Whiskers was also a long-haired fellow who would flop on his back whenever the vacuum cleaner appeared, he loved to have his belly vacuumed. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing memories of Dougy, kind Sir!

    • You have that right, Bill! I’ve always liked cats, but it wasn’t until I retired and got some of my own that i realized just how individual they can be1

    • I shouldn’t be surprised. l When things happen to cats and dogs in other peoples’ blogs, I feel their sadness and pain. When their cats and dogs do fun things, I laugh with them. We are linked by our shared love of our fur buddies!

    • It will! I covered it with a towel, hoping Andy would start using it. That didn’t work, but putting the lapboard over that, and it’s now Andy-friendly!

    • Thanks! I was becoming a bit concerned maybe I should forget about saving it as evidence Dougy was here, but, as you can read, several of you “get it”!

    • Yeah, I will periodically post old Dougy material for people like you who have been faithful because I know I’m not alone in missing Dougy. I appreciate you “old timers”, as I’m sure you do on your blog.

    • Yeah, that he was. Every time I get one of these feelings to find some old photos or videos of Dougy, I get an urge to get a rescue kitty to balance things out. If an older kitty (around Andy’s age), short-haired, tabby, neutered male, ginger cat happened to show up, I might be tempted. I’ve always been partial to ginger male tabby cats, and they always seem to be wonderfully nicely tempered and almost (pardon me!) doglike in personalities. Yeah, I know this is sort of a wish to have another late kitty boy, the wonderful Louie, back. I miss him still after nine years!

    • I am pleased I’m getting support for what seems an odd decision since it looks like hell! Of course, Andy and Dougy turned a fairly expensive computer chair into a scratching post just minutes after I assembled it a few years back. I wasn’t surprised Dougy was naughty, but Andy never did anything like that till that damn chair showed up! It looks even worse than the ottoman.

    • Yes, the last two years of Dougy’s life, he managed to wear through to the stuffing, and it quickly went downhill from there, as you can see in the photo.

    • Thanks, Peggy! That seems to be the consensus. It looks like hell, but I’m not having the hoity-toity members of the Baroque Opera Appreciation Society over for tea and appreciation…because this is Alliance, Nebraska, and opera appreciation is as rare here as Democrats. LOL!

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