28Oct20: Poor Andy! ~ “Leave me alone!”

Andy isn’t happy with my attention just now. He tries to avoid even a nice head rub!

He moves to the lapboard and tries to ignore me when I call his name!

“Can’t you see I’m taking a bath?!” Hee! Hee! He responds to his name, so I know he’s just being petulant. (Later, Andy was less grumpy and let me “scritch” his ears, play with a wand toy, and pet him. Andy has his priorities, and he has his moods!) 

15 thoughts on “28Oct20: Poor Andy! ~ “Leave me alone!”

    • He lets me “wuv” him on the cat tree by the bedroom. Other places – especially the end table – he doesn’t. That’s kitty for you!

    • How can he give me a look of disdain if not to respond to his name first: Make his human feel like he’s making progress with his kitty, then rip his heart out!

    • Andy can be a bit cold. Of course, he doesn’t stay that way long, and the best time to catch him (off guard) is first thing in the morning. He wakes up pleasant

    • Yeah, but I bet you make sure you are in the bathroom watching when your human takes a bath! Andy waits outside my shower, then has to sniff me to make sure I’m still his human. He waits till I dry off, then makes sure he marks me with his scent. (He doesn’t know I know that’s what he’s doing, the little rascal!)

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