29Oct29: Let it snow! The kitty boys experience the fluffy stuff.

Andy and Dougy always wanted to see the snow. Andy never ventured beyond the door, but Dougy wanted to explore.

A weather channel asked to show this one. I was more than happy to let them! 

See what I mean about my explorer kitty boy, Dougy! (Notice how orange Dougy’s eyes were – his best feature.)

Fluffy snow! This was a rare time Dougy didn’t want to explore and Andy didn’t come to the door.

This is the earliest snow episode featuring the kitty boys, who were a year and three months old at the time. You see Dougy exploring outside and Andy barely coming to the door, a pattern that they followed the rest of Dougy’s life and Andy to this day.

Dougy’s curiosity about the outside once cost him a few hours out in the cold when he slipped past me to explore when I was checking the weather. I posted a $200 reward for his return and he was found about 100 feet away from my front door, cowering behind a snow drift! The experience didn’t change his desire to explore outside but it changed my way to check the weather! From then on – even now, though Andy isn’t as interested in the outdoor life – I never open the door that I don’t check for a kitty boy looking to experience the wild life!


20 thoughts on “29Oct29: Let it snow! The kitty boys experience the fluffy stuff.

    • It was helpful for me. I am happy that I have good videos of Dougy being Dougy, of his beautiful copper eyes, of him interacting with Andy.

    • Dougy was incorrigible! I had to watch him really closely or he’d head outside to explore. He was fearless – except for empty paper towel tubes, which sent him running!

  1. These are sweet videos of the boys, Doug, and Dougy cat does have the most beautiful orange eyes! No snow here yet, thug we had a few mornings down in the 20s recently. We should be getting some rain in the next few days.

    • I’m glad I have some videos that show those eyes so well. I’m glad, too, I have videos showing his goofy bathing method and his proclivities to explore. I feel happy seeing those again.

    • Those snows tend to be heavy and wet if they accumulate. A snow blower just clogs up, so you end up shoveling it. I used to call it heart attack snow.

    • Thanks! I let Louie out because he was an indoor/outdoor cat I got at the shelter. I followed him a few times, and what I discovered about where he went cost him his outdoor time.

  2. My friends in Minnesota would slap me in the head for saying this, but, living in snowless California, I miss the stuff. At least that first snowfall of the season, when it’s white and fluffy and still a little magical. (Until you get a foot of it and discover you need to go to the grocery store.) But I think I’ll always have Andy’s wonder at seeing snow drifting out of the sky. Stay warm, Doug!

    • You said it all! Pretty unless it accumulates in enough to become a hazard o9n the road or is wet and heavy and you have to dig it out.

    • I have brought small amounts in for the kitty boys. Dougy showed little interest and Andy tested it by licking on it. He still will slick ice when I put some in a dish so he can cool down in hot weather.

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