04Nov20: US Election Day…

It’s been an endless ordeal. Longer than Andy’s hair back then, the 2020 presidential campaign started before the 2016 election, I swear! Even “Election Day” has lasted weeks! Then it will be a slow slog till all the ballots are counted.

41 thoughts on “04Nov20: US Election Day…

    • It is tragic. His behavior isn’t un-American, I see it now as anti-American, and I wish there were Republican leadership that saw how destructive his behavior is.

    • Oh god! What an ordeal that turned out to be! It’s looking a bit better this time, Friday the 6th. We need to work on the election process in this country.

      • I suggest that electoral results should not be released right away. Results should be released 2 weeks later. You vote and find out 2 weeks after polls close.
        With the mail in votes Trump has declared them illegal. He voted by mail in! GOP members have historically intimidated any minorities. So they feel more comfortable voting by mail in ballot. Minorities generally vote democratic, with GOP preferring to physically vote on voting day.
        Making their tally known immediately but not the FULL democratic vote tally.
        Giving time for someone like Trump to sow the seeds of civil unrest and we both know what happens after that.

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