Post 2097: morning ritual…

Andy snoops on the two Dougs. What’s up?

Yeah, that attention hound, Dougy, is making the other Doug “scritch” him! See that unfocused look of bliss?

Well, that was great while it lasted, but now Dougy needs to take a morning bath.

Washity-wash-wash-wash! Dougy gets it on! This will be one very clean kitty by the time he’s through!

No dignity here.

“Oh, brother!” Andy’s seen enough of this charade.

22 thoughts on “Post 2097: morning ritual…

    • Yes, same here. I know when they’ve been eating the dry food because they follow up twith a drink from the fountain, then a cleaning session. The wet food routine is the same, though they may or may not get a drink afterwards since some wet food is more wet than others. (Whatever I meant by that!)

    • I’d love bveing that limber1 If I tried putting my leg above my head – what a fantasy that! – I’d probably break something.

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