29Mar20: La Grande Expérience

I’ve had it! The Grand Experiment is today. I moved the second kitty lounger over to where the new box was and the new box to behind the glider. Dougy is confused (of course!) but finally tries out the second kitty lounger at its new location. Of course, he first scratches on it to establish his claim. Whew! 

Andy watches from a safe spot on the walker. Dougy’s on the second kitty lounger and seems satisfied with the change. He even scratches a second claim on it just in case Andy missed the first performance. Once Dougy’s settled in, Andy returns to the disputed kitty lounger, hopeful, as am I, that the kitty lounger wars are history!



A Few Minutes Later: Uh oh! Is that…

…Andy?! Yes. And he stays just long to scratch his message into the second kitty lounger. Now Dougy will know “Andy was here, you scruffy alley cat! HA! HA! HA!” 


16 thoughts on “29Mar20: La Grande Expérience

    • They remind me of that every moment of every day! The challenge is how to minimize that behavior for their safety and for the peace of the home.

    • It’s early to reveal this, but you are one of their favorite followers, Dolly: there actually was a shift change today when Andy and Dougy had a peaceful passing of control from one kitty (Dougy) to the other, with no squabble! I believe the post showing this is next

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